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We are Commited to World Mission

Strandtown is commited to express its interest and concern for the Church worldwide, and to encourage and be involved in the spread of the Good News of the  Kingdom of God to every nation.

We have identified five streams of mission which we support through various agencies:
  1. Unreached People Groups & Evangelism
  2. Persecuted Church
  3. Social Justice
  4. Bible Translation
  5. Training of Pastors & Church Leaders

The ACTS Team

Mission is promted in Strandtown by the ACTS Team. 'ACTS' stands for:
  • Awareness: To develop an awareness of mission among church members.

  • Commitment: To develop our commitment to mission on an individual and corporate basis.
  • Transfer: To develop the transfer of human resources.

  • Sacrifice: To develop and encourage the sacrifice of time and financial resources
If you are considering being involved in short or long term mission then please get in touch with the ACTS team. We are here to help you on that journey through prayer, advice and support. Please don't wait until all the arrangements are in place before speaking to us! You can contact us via